Number Ice Cream Cakes

From: R175.00

We will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your order. Please note that the average melting time is 30 minutes, so please plan to drive straight home after collection. A large freezer with adequate storage is a must.

All collections will be from our factory: 8 Konigkramer Rd, Berkshire Downs, New Germany, 3610


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Ice Cream Flavour - Comes with a standard Vanilla base, please choose a second flavour (required)

Edible Flowers (+R45)Edible Butterflies (+R45)Edible Roses (+R45)Wafer Sticks (+R100)Marshmallows (+R35)Astros (+R45)Smarties (+R35)Ferrero Rocher (+R100)Pearls (+R25)Confetti (+R25)Hundreds & Thousands (+R15)Milk Chocolate Coating (+R15)A4 Edible Sugar Print (+R80) (Please upload picture below)

Sugar Cones - Normal/Chocolate Dipped (R2.50 each)

Pick-Up Date: Please allow 48 hours to make.

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1 (15 Portions), 2 – 9 (30 Portions), 2 numbers with '1' – e.g. 21 (40 Portions), Two Numbers – e.g. 60 (50 Portions)

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