Stand Up Ice Cream Barbie Cakes


We will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your order. Please note that the average melting time is 30 minutes, so please plan to drive straight home after collection. A large freezer with adequate storage is a must.

All collections will be from our factory: 8 Konigkramer Rd, Berkshire Downs, New Germany, 3610


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Edible Flowers (+R30)Edible Butterflies (+R30)Edible Roses (+R30)Edible Boats (+R30)Edible Cars (+R30)Edible Insects(+R30)Wafer Sticks (+R100)Marshmallows (+R35)Astros (+R45)Smarties (+R35)Ferrero Rocher (+R100)Pearls (+R25)Confetti (+R25)Hundreds & Thousands (+R15)Milk Chocolate Coating (+R15)

Sugar Cones - Normal/Chocolate Dipped (R2.80 each)

Pick-Up Date: Please allow 48 hours to make.

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* Please note portion sizes may vary depending on size of serving

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