Established in 2000 Huberto’s was bought by the passionate Melissa Cuthbert. Melissa has lovingly nurtured this brand and watched it grow. From the humble beginnings of a local ice cream parlor, Huberto’s is spreading it’s wings, making memories in the homes of customers all over KZN. Our service ethos keeps us at the top of the game as KZN’s most sought after locally produced brand.

We believe that in order to produce the best we need to start with the best and it is for this reason that Huberto’s Ice Cream is crafted from real, fresh milk which means we can lay claim to the fact that we produce Real Dairy Ice Cream.

Huberto’s Ice Cream is recognised by its luxuriously rich and creamy texture. We don’t believe in whipping our ice cream full of air but rather take the time to slowly churn our ice cream resulting in a denser, creamier texture…scoop after decadent scoop.

All our flavours are produced onsite and although you may only find around 10 of our flavours on your local retailers shelves, our factory produces a smorgesboard of beautiful rich and creamy flavours.