Not all ice creams are made the same!


Continually satisfying our clients’ high expectations for locally sourced, quality goods, Huberto’s is produced in the heart of KZN.


We use real dairy milk in our ice cream creating an authentic product full of the splendid richness one should expect from a luxury ice cream. We strive to produce ice cream of superb quality using only the finest quality ingredients and no fillers in order to produce an exceptional product.


By limiting the use of machinery and adding each ingredient by hand, we ensure that each batch is lovingly nurtured into existence. Our flavours are classically simple with a few variations. We believe in simplicity of flavours allowing the luxurious, dense and creamy ice cream to stand out alone with out all the frills.


We don’t believe in whipping our ice cream to with in an inch of it’s life. Less aeration means our product is dense and creamy


You can be assured that every spoonful of Huberto’s will live up to our high standards. The quality of our products is dependent upon the care and attention that we take at every stage, from sourcing the raw ingredients, through preparation, to packaging and delivery.




Create your own Huberto’s magic in your restaurant. Chat to us about partnering with you to develop your very own flavour options!


Ice Cream Cakes

Our talented team of professionals is on hand to create the ultimate, decadent birthday cake or dessert. Whether it be a magical princess cake for your little girl or a decadent frozen dessert for a function or birthday party, we promise to deliver an unforgettable Huberto’s experience.